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"The dental care I have received from Dr. O'Keefe and Watts is top notch! Not only are they highly skilled and caring professionals, but they provide painless dental care. Their staff are very competent and concerned about me as their patient. I go to this office and get, not only excellent dental care, but an opportunity to see people who have become my friends."

-Ann B.

"I was very satisfied with the way Dr. O'Keefe and Dr. Watts' office treated my 1 and 1/2 year old son. It was his first visit with a dentist and easily could have gone either way. They made it fun for him and did a thorough job on him. We will definitely be coming back."

-Dawn G.

"My first visit was a very pleasant surprise. Very friendly staff, very modern with digital equipment and techniques. Dr. O'Keefe was very pleasant and spent a lot of time going over my case, explaining to me every detail at a level that I could understand. Yes, I would recommend this dental office to anyone who wants a friendly yet thorough experience."

-Harold D.

"When I was a child, my experience with dentistry required that I bicycle about two miles down the road, where a man practiced in an office in his home. If I reacted to pain, he stopped drilling and filled the tooth. Often, I was back with a toothache, in the same tooth, in a matter of months. Then I was introduced to Dr. OKeefe's office by a friend, and the whole experience changed for me. Very well-trained, gentle and efficient, Dr. O'Keefe and Dr. Watts make dentistry an experience to look forward to. My teeth have never been better. I can even count on a sense of humor. Who else would be willing to wear a Groucho Marx mask in response to a patient's attempt at humor? In my view, this office sets the gold standard for exceptionally good dental practice."

-Don R.

"Thank you for your patience while working on my tooth last week. I am sure it isn't easy to work with someone who has such a negative history around dentistry. Having you explain the process and checking in with me frequently relieved my anxiety! Please extend this heartfelt thank you to Carol (assistant) as well."

-Susan W.

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