Our New Building

We are moving January 31, 2022

See the article about the building in MaineBiz

Our final day at the KMD office is Monday, January 24th.  We will be closed for training from the 25th through the 28th for moving and training. We will re-open for all appointments at the new office on Monday January 31, 2022. 

You can see pictures of the construction progress as it happens if you follow our Instagram Page.

Beginning January 31, 2022 all appointment will be at:
93 First Park Drive
Oakland, Maine 04963

The new office has:

  1. Tree lined, park-like setting;
  2. 14 treatment rooms (up from 6);
  3. Directional airflow in treatment rooms;
  4. Larger, light-filled lobby;
  5. New patient treatment chairs;
  6. Designated consultation and dental photography rooms;
  7. New, modern x-ray units.

For patients this means:

  1. The most modern sterilization system possible;
  2. The newest x-ray technology with the lowest radiation exposure possible;
  3. Treatment rooms designed with COVID prevention in mind;
  4. Directional airflow through treatment rooms;
  5. Ability to accept new patients again;
  6. More available appointments;
  7. Complete wheelchair accessibility;
  8. Automatic doors for wheelchair access;
  9. A quiet and peaceful lobby with outdoor views;
  10. More patient restrooms
  11. Plenty of parking.

For our team this means:

  1. Better changing rooms;
  2. A designated room for training courses and meetings:
  3. Outdoor space for lunch;
  4. Larger dental lab for fabricating crowns and bridges;
  5. Walking trails for lunch-breaks;
  6. Parking closer to the building.
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