Our New Building

We moved into our new building January 31, 2022

See the article about the building in MaineBiz

Beginning January 31, 2022 all appointments are at:
93 First Park Drive
Oakland, Maine 04963

The new office has:

  1. Tree lined, park-like setting;
  2. 10 treatment rooms (up from 6);
  3. Directional airflow in treatment rooms;
  4. Larger, light-filled lobby;
  5. New patient treatment chairs;
  6. Designated consultation and dental photography rooms;
  7. New, modern x-ray units.

For patients this means:

  1. The most modern sterilization system possible;
  2. The newest x-ray technology with the lowest radiation exposure possible;
  3. Treatment rooms designed with COVID prevention in mind;
  4. Directional airflow through treatment rooms;
  5. Ability to accept new patients again;
  6. More available appointments;
  7. Complete wheelchair accessibility;
  8. Automatic doors for wheelchair access;
  9. A quiet and peaceful lobby with outdoor views;
  10. More patient restrooms;
  11. Plenty of parking.

For our team this means:

  1. Better changing rooms;
  2. A designated room for training courses and meetings:
  3. Outdoor space for lunch;
  4. Larger dental lab for fabricating crowns and bridges;
  5. Walking trails for lunch-breaks;
  6. Parking closer to the building.
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